Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Boys of Illinois

The Boys of Illinois

I'm sure I'm not the first to consider two men in comparison. The civil rights issue brought to a head by the first Illinoisan President, Abraham Lincoln, who had lost his senatorial election bid and yet because of that, went on to become president. Lincoln had less legislative experience than Barack Obama ... yet went on to be one of the most memorable presidents in US history.

On a side note, showing how some issues never change ... during the Lincoln Douglas debates, Lincoln defends his votes when in the House of Representatives for voting against the war with Mexico (as illegal) and yet supporting the troups by voting for the allotment of moneys to provide them with adequate supplies and equipment.

On a completely different side note ... it's curious that the "conservative" administration is responding to the current financial crisis with its sudden support of a very socialist mindset when trying to head off disaster with its bailout of major financial institutions. This pumpkin headed punster will refrain, at the moment, from deciding whether this is a good move or a bad move, but we sure do find it curious. We guess that socialism is really not so bad if it means helping your wealthy buddies stay wealthy.

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