Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Middle of Nowhere

I've often wondered, how not to tell a story by going back to its chronological beginning. The biggest problem for me is figuring out how much back story is necessary before that "beginning" makes some kind of sense. So I always feel like I'm really telling the story from the middle. Well discovering a blog for the first time is always coming in on the middle and wondering how much you might have missed.

Would it make sense for me to periodically repeat stuff or just leave it to your imagination to wonder where in the world I could possibly be coming from?

So here then is the capsule as of today ... Flo & Rich Newman are the creative centers of TagYerit the band and TagYerit the website and all these offshoots such as this blog. But as in any division of labor, the web labor is principally Rich (that's me the guy who typed this out).

Speaking of labor, so this Rich guy, that's me has many skills with varying degrees of success in each skill. But, I like to think the primary skill is problem solving. So feel free to comment me and maybe I'll have a suggestion. I like making stuff from cast-offs. ... Recently built a U-shaped shower curtain hanger from the remnants of an old brass bed. If I could have found something like this in the right size it would have cost over $500 and not been as good. In the past I've done a fair degree of carpentry remodeling as well as antique restoration and a limited amount of wood carvings. ... but there's always pumpkin carving .... But I'm going to leave off this in the middle even as it seems I'm just getting started.

Just this one more thing. See Flo loves to build snow mounds and the Snow Ziggurat pictured above is her mound, with a little design assistance from our friend and housemate Matt.

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